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Strip the Tax Funded Status of the USADA

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By utilizing taxpayer funds to pursue an athlete without any proof of violation for an independent sports code, while violating their own charter and other international sports testing guidelines, the USADA has demonstrated a severe lack of responsibility and should not be rewarded with any kind of taxpayer subsidy.

While the USADA has pursued more innocent athletes than just Lance Armstrong, and while they have exposed some athletes who have violated regulations, their actions with Lance Armstrong speak volumes as to their behavior and code when dealing with taxpayer money.


Background & History:
Lacking any federal oversight, the USADA is a near autonomous entity that does receive taxpayer money to conduct its investigations.  They also work hand in hand with federal agencies in order to enforce their charter and other sports treaties.

While other athletes have been pursued without proof of violation, Lance Armstrong has become the poster boy for USADA prosecution.  The problem: Lance has not failed one single drug test.  The only tests which may show a positive, but are not in line with a full positive, were tests that provided evidence of elevated red blood cell count during a period of recovery from his cancer.  These levels were indicative of a patient recovering from a battle against cancer - a battle which was and continues to be fought by Lance Armstrong on social and economic levels.


Violating their own charter, USADA stripped Lance of all his titles while declaring him guilty, despite no evidence.  Not one investigation by any Law Enforcement Office employed by the USADA could find such evidence. They demanded he remain in arbitration despite the fact they could not justify such arbitration.

This is a frivolous waste of tax dollars under unfettered authority.  This needs to be brought to an end.  The USADA has abused their powers and embarrassed this country while stealing from the Tax Coffers in a hunt for prosecution without evidence of wrongdoing.

We as taxpayers cannot condone the use of our money in such a vulgar fashion. Had any test turned A/B positive, we would not be saying this. Had the USADA not had a history of harassing athletes who never had a positive test, we would not be saying this. Unfortunately, Lance Armstrong is not the only athlete, and the USADA seems content and willing to use tax payer dollars to attack the careers of athletes they may not like “just because”.

END THEIR TAX SUBSIDIES! We no longer want our money to go to such an irresponsible organization!



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