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Our future is being abused. It seems human sex traffickers these days are getting away with everything. I would like to urge all of you reading this right now to sign this petition to give these traffickers stricter penalties in prison. Think about our children and humanity. These victims could even be your children, or your neighbors, or even you. In signing this petition, you can help the victims that don't have a voice, or are too afraid to stand up for themselves. Don't wait until it's too late. Studies from the ECPAT indicate that child prostitutes serve between two and thirty clients per week, leading to a shocking estimated base of anywhere between 100 to 1,500 clients per year, per child. Please join me in justifying what's happening to these children.

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President of the United States
The non-profit organization End Child Prostitution, Child Pornography, and the Trafficking of Children (ECPAT) estimates that more than one million children worldwide are drawn into the sex trade each year. I am calling out to you to help our children, and our future. Human sex traffickers and child exploiters are running the streets of our countries abusing our children and our humanity. It is imperative these vermin receive stricter prison penalties. In one case back in 2007, a San Antonio woman and her two daughters were ordered detained without bond for engaging in sex trafficking of children. The woman, age 59, and her daughters, ages 32 and 29, were arrested and charged with sex trafficking of children by force, fraud or coercion. Their penalty? They received 18 months prison sentence only. Representative, if this happened to your child, or someone very dear to you, would 18 months be enough justification?

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