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Ashley Biggs Domestic Violence Project.

Domestic Violence crosses all socio-economic boundaries, all cultures, and is present in all countries throughout the

It is a known fact that domestic violence effects victims
and children in critical long-term ways. Children learn what they see and become the victims and batterers of the next generation, thus perpetuating the cycles of violence and abuse. 

Unless we fully address the act of partner violence by treating it as a serious offense, we will continue to see a rise in domestic violence worldwide. 

Because Domestic Violence is often treated as a misdemeanor, and misdemeanors are not reported to the NCIC (remaining only on the records of the state in which they occur), a person with a history of domestic assault can go to another state and if he/she batters again, it is treated as a first offense with no previous convictions having any bearing on the case in the new state. 

We the undersigned urge our appointed and elected representatives to pay serious attention to strengthening domestic violence laws and providing greater protection by treating domestic
violence as a serious offense. 

We urge you to do all within your power to insure that: 
1) a first offense of domestic violence, even if considered a misdemeanor, is filed in all states and not just the state in which it occurred; 
2) all previous assaults on record from all states committed by a person who commits domestic violence are taken into consideration when he/she is convicted and sentenced, and; 
3) all assaults have a uniform penalty, be they for street assault or domestic violence.
4.) Harsher punishments for those that do not here to the court order.
5.) Harsher punishments for those that are first time offenders.
6.) Harsher punishments for those that kill a fetus(es) instead of the 6 to 12 months jail time.
7.) Abusers would have a mandatory check in every night to a probation officer.

8.) Full protection of men, women, pregnant and non, children, and those of the LGBT community.

 DV takes on all forms of abuse, beatings, verbal, sexual, emotional, the most horrendous is permanent disability or death of the victim. All victims and their families are left with permanent scars, most invisible, some times the victim never recovers and, no one is ever completely or totally healed. We learn to live with the scars. 
We are requesting the revision of all federal, state and local statues governing Domestic Violence (DV) been changed from a misdemeanor to a felony crime, 
Mandating the abuser be incarcerated to the fullest extent
of the law.

Mandating the abuser undergo intense therapy until they see how heinous a crime they have committed 
Mandating restitution for all medical bills, for any damage they have caused 
Mandating the abuser pay child support 
Mandating the abusers offenses be known in all states. 
Please know that it is estimated 4 million American women experience a serious assault by an intimate partner during an average 12-month period. You should be aware of the following facts: 
1. Domestic Violence is statistically consistent across racial and ethnic boundaries. 
2. 70\% of intamate homicide victims are female. 
3. 40 - 60\% of men who abuse women also abuse children. 
4. 27 \% of domestic homicide victims were children. 
5. During the six months following an episode of domestic violence, 32\% of battered women are victimized again. 
6. Past and current victims of domestic violence are over-represented in the welfare population. The
majority of welfare recipients have experienced domestic abuse in their adult lives, and a high percentage are currently abused. 
7. 15 -50\% of abused women report interference from their partner with education, training or work. 
8. Children live what they learn, abuse becomes their way of life. 
9. The general public and local law enforcement agencies do not perceive FV as a crime not that is has grown to the problem it is today. 
10. Most local law enforcement agencies do not want to be bothered nor become involved in the horrific crime. 
11. Most DV survivors never receive child support, leaving most to depend on welfare, and local agencies to survive. 
12. Most DV victims are never the same, some are physically disabled.

Letter to
The Ohio Senate and U.S. Congress
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Ohio State House
Ohio State Senate
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I just signed the following petition addressed to: The State of Ohio's current Domestic Violence Laws..

Strengthen the Domestic Violence Law in Ohio by stricter punishments.

On June 21, 2012 we lost our friend Ashley Biggs due to domestic violence, here is part of her story.

AKRON, Ohio — An Akron pizza worker was murdered after she went missing on the job.
On Friday, the Wayne County coroner said the preliminary manner of death for 25-year-old Ashley Biggs, of Akron, was strangulation.
Brittany Dunson says for the past three years, she and Biggs were inseparable.
“I met her at my aunt’s house, and it was a click. She laughed, and I just knew,” recalled Dunson.
Dunson says back in October Biggs obtained custody of her 6-year-old daughter, Grace. Loved ones now believe a believe a bitter custody battle with Biggs’ ex-boyfriend, 30-year-old Chad Cobb, may be the motive for her killing.
“Once you get to know her, she’s the most bubbly, goofy person you would ever know. Her favorite thing was playing with her daughter,” said Dunson. “She was my girlfriend. We were looking at rings, we were about to be engaged, she was my everything, my life.”
In 2005, Cobb pled guilty to domestic violence. Dunson said Biggs had a protection order against him.
“In a way, I knew it. We’ve been so precautious of it. I knew she’s always had that fear it would come to this. I felt a part of me die,” said Dunson.
“It’s still surreal knowing I won’t see her again,” said neighbor Candace Andrei. “He’s been here a few times trying to get the layout of the apartment, camped out in the parking lot. I always told her, ‘If I see something suspicious, I’ll let you know.’ “
Pat Heit said, “I almost threw up. I was just so sick about it … it’s hard to believe.”
Heit says Biggs used to be a home health aide. For nearly a year, Biggs came to her house to care for her late husband.
“She was very kind with him. Now she’s up there with him, looking down,” Heit said.
“I hate what she went through. I hate the way she went through it,” said Dunson. “Me and Grace will just heal together, knowing that she’s safe.”
Cobb is being held in the Summit County Jail on a $1.5 million bond. He is scheduled to be arraigned June 27 on aggravated murder and kidnapping charges.

So instead of 2 fighting parents her child now has none, and has been removed from her Brittany Dunson, her fiancee's care, we have a new fight on our hands on getting Grace back where she belongs!


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