Strengthen AmeriCorps: Invest in our Future

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In this time of economic challenge, it is important that we look at ways to relieve pressure on the struggling job market. One way to accomplish this is to delay young job seekers from entering the stressed market in a manner that is mutually beneficial to both the young worker and society. One proven program that does just that is AmeriCorps.

The AmeriCorps program provides a way for people to serve their communities and their country. It makes sense that we significantly expand upon this successful program so that it rises to the challenges of our time.

By increasing funding for AmeriCorps, the program could be expanded to provide more job opportunities for people, as well as to provide a good path to finance a four-year college education.

Such an expansion would provide multiple benefits: (1) It would provide young people with meaningful, rewarding work and work experience.  (2) It would help to relieve pressure on the job market. (3) It would provide a legitimate method to pay for college which doesn't involve military service. (4) It would provide a vehicle for applying real people power to help address some of the problems we face in our communities today.

We ask that our elected officials significantly expand the AmeriCorps program so that it can both offer more job opportunities as well as provide college financing that rivals that of our armed forces. Invest in our future - strengthen AmeriCorps.

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