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Cody Dalton was a 20 year old man from Streetsboro, Ohio. In October of 2017 Cody's life was tragically taken from him. The local police department did half of an investigation and ultimately it was ruled a suicide. However, the family and many other people do not believe that is the case.
Some facts you need to know:
-Cody was right handed. The bullet wound was behind his left ear at a forward facing angle.
-The end of the barrell of the gun had to be no less than 36inches from his head. Why, you ask? Well, in the coroner's report it states that there was "no grossly discernable fouling or stipling present on the entrance wound". In order for that to be possible the gun had to be at least 36inches from his head.
-The coroner ruled suicide 24 days before ever even speaking to a detective or officer.
-There were 2 people (1male, 1 female) in the room other than the victim when Cody was shot. No gunpowder residue tests were performed on either Cody or the 2 witnesses. Fingerprints were not ran on the weapon. And no ballistics testing was done. Cody's mother asked the detective why these tests were not done, the detective's only response to her was that he believed the witnesses story.
-In most, if not all of the witness statements of other individuals in the house when the shooting happened, they say they recall hearing the 'pop' of the gun and no knowing what it was and then about 5 minutes later the male witness came to inform everyone that Cody had shot himself. (Supposedly)

There are many other factors leading us to believe this is a homicide cover-up and not a suicide.

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