Retica's Immediate Eye Surgery will cost $500

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Retica was rescued from as a stray. It is quite obvious she has been over bred, and most likely used as a bait dog(she has multiple scars on her face/body).Despite the terrible life she has suffered, sweet Retica holds no resentment!!! She is about as happy as they come! Loves all animals, and bounces around the yard like a baby hippo!

Shortly after bringing her to the Rescue, we realized sweet Retica had multiple medical issues that would need to be addressed.

The most important issue at hand is her eye ulcer. We have been treating that since day one, and no progress has been made. We've been referred to an Eye Specialist, and they said the eyeball can be saved, but we must do surgery as soon as possible to remove the ulcer and save her eye which costs $500.

Please help us raise the $500 needed to save her eyeball! She is so deserving of a wonderful, healthy life!

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We are trying to schedule an January 2nd surgery... anything you can help with is greatly appreciated.

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