Let's help "lucky" the dog who met with a train accident

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Today ,We got a call that a dog had just been hit by a train. We found him next to the tracks, his nose horribly cut, breathing with great difficulty and his left front leg got totally cut by the train ,When we brought him back to SDS for First Aid and then to the nearby vet hospital (little vet),They accepted him with kindness and immediately gone for some serious tests (for knowledge of his inner damage) they found that he had a collapsed lung which is a very life-threatening than his cut legs and taken him to the emergency and gave him breathing support system, after an hour of discussion they had decided to remove his remaining parts of the damaged leg first to avoid decay and then to go for a cutting edge lung surgery,They had planned to place a tube as a temporary life support  in his chest to allow his lung to expand and function normally again. and then they were able to structure up his lungs with fluids and other medications. then the tube will be removed by a small surgery when he is ready to breathe by his own,we felt amazed on his will power and fighting attitude for life and named him "lucky"After admitting lucky in the vet we had a small discussion with our volunteers to discuss about the financial needs, the rough estimate for Lucky's treatment from the vet was quite high up-to $2500 ,since this was the year end to we got little worried about that but as a little hope one of our volunteer Deiva a Cs student had gave a little of $200 for lucky's initial treatment expenses so with some hope we went back to Little vet and settled some initial bills (emergency care,radiology,and life support) and updated lucky's story on every of our media channels and looking for the remaining funds ($2300)Street dog shelter is a small and local organisation which was being run bu students and working teenagers studying all over India and works in a thin margin of donations and volunteers so that it is impossible for street dog shelter to have some huge funds to spend for a single dog because they have almost 327 dogs to take care of in their shelter so that placing this appeal on before you all who are signing this petition to donate at least  $1 or more towards Luck's recovery 

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