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Lester is a young, friendly Indian dog. Although he wasn’t always fussed over by the residents of his basti (the Hindi word for 'slum' in India), he had a name, and would wag his tail for people he recognized. Unfortunately, Lester somehow hurt himself one day, and without anyone to take him to a veterinarian, his wounds soon became infected and infested with maggots.

One day, a group of boys in the slum found Lester scratching at his maggot wound. Alarmed by the sight of the maggots, the boys jumped to the conclusion that Lester was infected with rabies, and that they had to do something about it. Rather than contact a veterinarian, however, they decided to tie little Lester up to a post, and beat him to within an inch of his life. When local volunteers found Lester, he was in a TERRIBLE state. His head had been bashed into, there was blood everywhere, and he was practically comatose when he was rushed to the SDS Centre for treatment. Worst of all? Lester hasn’t displayed a single symptom of rabies thus far!
While our vets are doing everything they possibly can to help this poor boy, the future is uncertain for Lester. His horrific fate has made it even clearer that India desperately needs more rabies awareness efforts, and that people need to know that although rabies is a lethal disease, it is 100% PREVENTABLE with a simple vaccination – which SDS provides free of cost for street animals in INDIA.