Emergency : let's save this poor dog who was struggling with her stomach torn open

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Hi guys this is vanesa again this is an emergency petition and a donation request to save carolin a poor dog who was struggling with her stomach tron open in an accident 

carolin was rescued from a nearby village where SDS got a call of emergency from the local animal activists it was about  8 am today i was volunteering in SDS carolin was bought into the home and i was shocked to see her condition ,her stomach was torn open and her internal organs are visible nobody with us or the villagers don't know exactly what happened to her, one of them said that he found her crying near wall when he came closer to her he saw severe injury on her stomach and reported "sharda" a local activist and sharda contacted us when they took carolin to shelter she seems to be tired and unconscious and it may be due to a heavy blood loss, after some temporary stitches and first aid she was taken to Cure N care pet clinic for blood transfusion (carolin faced a heavy blood loss) after a brief discussion with the vet they said that "This is uncommon and we have to find the cause for her situation and we ave found several fractures and there are some blood clots inside her stomach   we have to operate her but her condition is so weak to face a surgery  so that the vet advised us to wait for 3 or more days to have some improvement in her health's and after that  we" go for an MRI and decide what's next " as a rough calculation  it was estimated that Carolin's medical expenses would be much higher than $2000 as we had spent $150 today for her emergency care and all and this is what i know now about carolin's case please sign and follow the petition to get updated 

Carolin's medical funds,

                                   Dear friends , Rough estimate from the vet says that it will cost upto $2000 for carolin to recover ( Emergency care, Pre surgery care, post operative care)  SDS alone don't have the power to do this so join us support us share carolin's story and donate whatever you can to save carolinn every penny matters


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