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Me, as one of the users who have been using strava for more than 5 years for free, I find unrespectfull that now strava is trying to make us, the users, the ones who made strava great, pay for what is reasonable to enjoy totally free. This is going to affect especially those athetes who don't practice sport more than once o twice a month, those will be discouraged to keep using the app, and sharing it. Also, it is clear that doesn't need any more money to exist (and in case it was needed I would purpose to let the users decide to pay the subscription or to make them see adds). In case strava refuses to maintain the app for free I would recommend the current users of strava to leave the app and use another one that does the same thing. Vote this request to share the disagreement with strava subscription payment.  


#makestravafreeagain #stravafree #strava