Stratford Schools Raynor Campus School Start Time

Stratford Schools Raynor Campus School Start Time

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Started by Gulcin Caner

Dear Stratford Schools and City of Sunnyvale,

On January 28th, we learned through the school newsletter that school start time has changed to 7:45am, effective as February 7th.

In this newsletter, complaints from neighbors are given as a reason why the school start time has changed from 8:15 to 7:45am.

We as the parents of sixth graders are being ordered now to drop our kids no later than 7:25am.

Extensive research has shown the severe adverse effects of insufficient sleep for kids, physically mentally and socially. (American Academy of Pediatrics publication below)

Therefore, California passed a bill (Senate bill No. 328, link below) that requires schools to start no earlier than 8:30. This is in effect as law starting July 2022.

While it has been established publicly and put into a law that early school time deteriorates kids' physical and mental health, Stratford Raynor campus has made it mandatory for one hour early drop time (7:30am) without giving any advanced notice and four months into the end of the school year.

We ask the school administration to openly engage parents in the decision process and give options to them. This will help the school administration and parents to address the well being and mental health of kids in this tough pandemic period.

We request the school not to change the start time and if it is absolutely necessary, then we request them to start later than 8:30 instead of 7:30am.

Furthermore, detrimental effects of inadequate sleep for kids are greater the younger the child is. Therefore, the youngest kids should have the latest possible drop off. Currently, school asks the 6th graders to arrive no later than 7:25am. This drop off time is completely against the new Senate bill No. 328 Pupil attendance: school start time. (see link below)

Bill Text - SB-328 Pupil attendance: school start time.

The City of Sunnyvale is being very unfair to the private school in terms of morning drop-off time  impact on the community.

 We believe that our kids deserve the same health and education standards that are given in public schools. Having different neighborhood rules for private and public schools is not correct.

81 have signed. Let’s get to 100!