Fairer rent for Crazy Critters Pre School Salisbury

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Crazy Critter Pre School has been hit with a £5 per day rent increase and back payments due. We currently pay £30 per DAY to rent this area, this makes us one of the top rent paying pre schools. We only have 20 children due to the size of the setting, where as other preschools have up to 90 children. 

The rent increase is unobtainable, unfair and threatens a local Pre School with closure.

The guidelines on inflation are not being taken into account by the committee or the social club.

Sharon Jones of Crazy Critters is asking for the £5 a day to be reconsidered. Crazy Critters have been at the Social club for a number of years, they have cared for the building, made improvements and have a good standing in the community. To move premises now, which would be there only option if the rent was to increase, would be detrimental to the local families, staff and mostly the children.