Protect Wellesbourne Airfield from Housing Development

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Despite assurances from the landowner and the council, Wellesbourne Airfield is now threatened by a significant reduction in aviation facilities to make way for housing and mixed use development.

This proposed development contravenes the council's core strategy for the district. If it is allowed to proceed explicitly or by default, local residents will be affected by construction work and the burden on local services.

If the current airfield facilities are retained, it will continue to provide employment, training, professional and leisure activities.  We need more rural employment, more qualified technicians, more trained pilots and more leisure space for the community.

Stratford District Council can protect the airfield now by pursuing a Compulsory Purchase Order.

Whether you live nearby, work in the area, cycle to the cafe, enjoy watching the little planes or the big Vulcan, please support the petition to request Stratford District Council protect the current operation of the airfield.