Continue to allow students of Stourport Sixth form to wear their own clothes

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Students of Stourport Sixth form should not be expected to wear 'business like clothes' and instead should be allowed to continue wearing their own clothes as they have done before. It is a poor excuse to suggest that wearing more 'business' style clothes will help students with their academic studies and will help them to be more 'focused'. What a student wears has no effect upon their ability to learn. It is a disgrace that students are being told they will now have to go out and buy shirts and trousers etc. and will be expected to pay for it themselves out of their own pocket! If this decision is final then the sixth form should be expected to pay for each and every student's new attire. The teachers have said that it prepares students for the workplace but the majority of UK universities across the country and abroad allow their students to wear their own clothes including the University of Cambridge - one of the most prestigious universities in the world. What would be the point in making students wear business like attire when they can defy this when going to university and they will go back to wearing what they please? If the students of Stourport sixth form should be made to wear business like clothes then the teachers should wear the same, they should not be allowed to wear different coloured shirts or ties and should wear the same. Teachers at Stourport Sixth form often talk about how students should celebrate their individuality instead of fitting in with the crowd and that diversity is a good thing - however, this decision is stripping students of their individuality and is saying to students that diversity and individuality are things to be discouraged rather than celebrated. I and many others don't believe this to be a good message to send out to young people. This is teaching sixth form students to be like everyone else and to 'fit in with the crowd'. 

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