Reduce Mayors Lovatts 78% salary increase!

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Mayor Iain Lovatt has to be given, by the council and accepted a 78% rise in his first 90 days in office. His salary jumping to $94,800 this year up from $53,202 last year.

Yes, there was a change in the federal tax applied to Mayor's salary effective Jan 1st, 2019, but to maintain the mayor's take-home pay, council only needs to raise the salary to $72, 982.00. Yet councillors decided, and the mayor agreed to add on a massive 30% raise.

Yes, a 30% raise, during the same budget in which council voted to approve a huge property tax increase of 4.8% for residents. 

There is no justification for such an abrubt raise in salary. Since the days of Wayne Emmerson, the mayor's salary has risen steadily year over year, until now.

Please sign this petition and email the mayor and your counsellor. Ask them to reverse this reckless use of taxpayers money.