Increase statutory Funding for NI Hospice and NI Children’s Hospice

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This is MYAH. Myah is my beautiful 18m old neice, born with multiple physical complications. MYAH however is not defined solely by the limitations of these conditions and strives daily to be the best little smiling individual she can become. She cannot do it alone though, and today Myah needs your help to undo an injustice that is severely hindering her progress. Just a few short minutes of you're time could have the effect of positively changing the lives of hundreds of sick children, all living in a house somewhere near you. PLEASE give us your own support and help get as many people as possible involved in this.

Myah (her family) and the families of hundreds of sick children saw their hopes of a better financed/resourced support structure disappear this weekend.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced a 25 million boost to protect charitable hospices and palliative care services across England. Northern Ireland however (and our local providers, such as Northern Ireland Hospice) did not factor into the equation, and will unfortunately not benefit from any of the allocated money.

We demand fair and equal support for the NI Hospice and NI Children’s Hospice.

MYAH is only one casualty of this travesty and this urgently needs to be rectified. I am looking your support to challenge the people with the power to make the necessary life-changing amendments to include us. These include:

Boris Johnson
Julian Smith MP
Richard Pengelley
Sue Gray
Arlene Foster
Nigel Dodds
Michelle O’Neil
Naomi Long
Colm Eastwood
Robin Swann

We support the Chief Executive of the Northern Ireland Hospice and agree that it is a huge shame and an injustice to people living in Northern Ireland with life-limiting and life-threatening conditions that the province is not receiving the same level of financial support as elsewhere in the UK for palliative care services.

To date in her very short life Myah has undergone multiple hospital procedures (her first inside 24 hours of birth), has endured lengthy hospital admissions, and faced ongoing obstacles to leading a normal life. However thanks to the commitment and relentless work of the
Northern Ireland Hospice I am proud and priviledged to be able to share pictures like the ones posted below.. Pictures that speak a thousand words and illustrate how Myah is "flourishing" both physically and mentally by having the appropriate support and care in the community.

Do your good deed for the dy. SIGN the petition. SUPPORT MYAH and anyone else who finds themselves in the same position. SUPPORT the Northern Ireland Hospice ♡