Spread the Word: Stop Animal Abuse

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Supporting this petition about the cause of Animal Abuse is very important. With your help signing this petition you are not only spreading awareness, but you are setting an example for others to participate too. This problem has gone to far and needs to be viewed from all the sources of the problem. 

This change can impact many families. One of the main causes of abuse is originated back to homes. Animals should not fear to live in there homes with supposedly "loving families". By spreading the word around more communities, it may lead irresponsible families or people in general, to think twice about taking on the responsibilities on an animal. This will cause less homeless and abuse animals on the streets and possibly less abuse within people in families.

Please stop animals being taken in to unsafe environments and putting less stress on the veterinarians who then have to heal the weak. Every signature is one step closer to saving an animal from an unstable environment and giving them a chance to start new.