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Stopping Climate Change by Standing Up For Canadian Environmental Policies and Regulations.

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We're facing a climate crisis.  Extreme weather, melting glaciers and rising sea levels all link to climate change.  If we continue on this trajectory, nature's future, along with our own, is in jeopardy.

Without climate action, humanity, wildlife, and the planet we know and love will suffer.  Many species, like sea turtles, elephants, and giant pandas will be under increased threat when they're not able to adapt to rising seas, changing rainfall patterns, warming temperatures, an acidifying and warming ocean and other consequences of increased carbon pollution.

We cannot stand back and let this happen.  We need to start today and change the way we choose and use energy and resources. Canada must take decisive action to fight climate change and cut carbon pollution to reduce the impacts of climate change and inspire other countries to do the same.

Through collaboration with various likeminded 'treehuggers' ranging from photographers, writers, pubic speakers, and graphic designers, I have created an Organization called Mission Green. Our Mission Statement:

Our goal at Mission Green is to educate, serve, and protect our planet by spreading awareness about the environmental challenges the world is currently facing. By gathering like minds together in a community of environmentally conscious individuals, we have created a platform to make radical change through advocating sustainable lifestyles, promoting garbage cleanups, arranging educational visits, and peacefully requesting that our policy makers commit to the regrowth and preservation of our natural world- as it is dwindling and needs our help.

Protect what you love.

Climate Change is the main issue we're tackling, and by gaining support by fellow humans concerned about this, we can offer realistic, small life alterations, that can create big change when committed to by thousands, even millions of people. Put pressure on the candidates for Prime Minister of Canada. Support our Mission. Join the movement. Please.

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