Decision Maker Response

Tom Mulcair’s response

Oct 16, 2015 — Thank you for signing the petition calling for decisive action on climate change.

After years of inaction from Liberal and Conservative governments on climate change, the NDP is prepared to step up and respond to our moral obligation to act.

An NDP government will work with provinces and territories to put a price on carbon and reduce emissions by introducing a pan-Canadian cap-and-trade system with hard emissions limits for Canada’s biggest polluters. We will also advance an integrated continental cap-and-trade system that ensures a level economic playing field for North American businesses.

You can count on New Democrats to re-introduce Jack Layton’s Climate Change Accountability Act. This legislation will ensure that Canada meets its long-term target of reducing our greenhouse gas emissions to a level 80% below that of 1990 by the year 2050, and 34% below 1990 for the 2025/30 period.

We will also restore Canada’s international environmental credibility. As one of my first duties as Prime Minister, I will attend COP21 with targets and a plan to meet them. New Democrats will also include Opposition Critics and Civil Society Groups on the official delegation to COP21.

The NDP will also take further steps to improve Canada’s environmental record by:

 Investing in provincial, territorial and municipal home energy programs to retrofit 50,000 homes and 15,000 apartment units to lower energy bills and create thousands of jobs ($200 million over 4 years).

 Investing in the Green Municipal Fund through the Federation of Canadian Municipalities to support sustainable development pilot projects, including energy efficiency, energy recovery, and transition to cleaner fuel for municipal transit ($150 million over 4 years);

 Creating targets for the electrification of federal vehicle fleets and strengthen Canada’s green procurement policy to reduce long-term fuel and maintenance costs, including the installation of 150 electric car charging stations on federal properties across Canada.

For more information on our plan, please see our platform:

Best regards,
Tom Mulcair
Leader, New Democratic Party of Canada