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#StopDavidBond from harassing & sexually exploiting women in Asia

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TO AUTOMATTIC, INC (WORDPRESS): We demand that you shut down Campbell's Wordpress websites, and, for the reasons described below.

Campbell is a U.S. national from California, a self-proclaimed “pick-up artist”, and a copycat of Julien Blanc, who has traveled throughout Asia to harass and sexually exploit women. His actions originate from a misogynistic, anti-Asian ideology.

Campbell uses emotional manipulation and physical aggression to harass and coerce Asian women into having sexual relations with him. Campbell markets himself by filming and uploading his sexual exploits in Asia onto the internet to teach other men around the world how to do the same. These videos are often recorded and uploaded online for profit without consent from the women. 

Campbell's racist anti-Asian sentiments are exemplified by his Wordpress websites. One of those websites, "Japan By David Bond", sells “A Complete Idiot’s Guide to Getting Laid [Having Sex] in Japan”: For “only $67”, other men receive “instant access” to instructions on how to achieve Campbell's “success” in forcefully convincing women to have sex with him.

We are standing against Campbell's actions not only on the grounds that they are socially unjust, but also that they are legal infractions: he has filmed and uploaded his intimate moments with women via Vimeo, for commercial purposes, without their consent. Those Vimeo videos are on both of his Wordpress websites. He sells all of his videos, "uncensored", for $15 per month on his "Hello David Bond" website.

Through these actions, Campbell violates various international laws regarding the right of publicity (also known as personality rights). The information below from Reappropriate, an Asian-American advocacy blog, notes legal issues concerning Campbell's choice to publicize his interactions with women:

“While the women in Bond’s videos clearly understand that they are being videotaped… it is not obvious that the women are aware that their images will be published to the internet or sold for profit by Bond.”

“Japan has notoriously strict privacy laws when it comes to public photography, and it remains uncertain if Bond has violated those laws with the videos he has shot in Japan."

Below, you will find information about right of publicity laws in each country addressed in this petition:

PHILIPPINES: “It is hereby prohibited and declared unlawful for any person: (a) To take photo or video coverage of a person or group of persons performing sexual act or any similar activity... To sell or distribute, or cause to be sold or distributed, such photo or video or recording of sexual act, whether it be the original copy or reproduction thereof….” (From the Anti-Photo and Video Voyeurism Act of 2009)

THAILAND: “The assertion or circulation of a statement or picture in any manner whatsoever to the public, which violates or affects a person’s family, rights, dignity, reputation or the right of privacy, shall not be made except for the case which is beneficial to the public.” (From the Constitution of the Kingdom of Thailand of 2007)

SOUTH KOREA: “The data subject shall, in relation to the processing of his/her own personal information, have… the right to consent or not, and to elect the scope of consent, to the processing of such information,  the right… to demand access (including the issuance of certificate, hereinafter the same applies) to such personal information… the right to suspend processing of, and to make correction, deletion, and destruction of such personal information.” (From South Korea’s Personal Information Protection Act of 2011)

VIETNAM: “The Law on Information Technology 2006 imposes many obligations on organizations/individuals that collect, process or use private and personal information on the internet.” “Specifically, they must notify that person of the form, scope, place and purpose of the collection, processing and use of this private information…” “…these organizations/individuals are also obliged immediately to take necessary measures when a person requests that [their] private information be confirmed, corrected or deleted.” (From Vietnam’s Law on Information Technology of 2006)

CAMBODIA: “There isn’t much in the way of a comprehensive Cambodian privacy law at present.” (From BNG Legal’s Cambodia Law Blog)

ITALY: “A data subject shall have the right to be informed… of the purposes and methods of the processing [of personal data]… A data subject shall have the right to object, in whole or in part, to the processing of personal data concerning him/her, where it is carried out for the purpose of sending advertising materials or direct selling….” (From Title II, Section 7 of the Italian Personal Data Protection Code of 2003)

CHINA: “The use of a citizen's portrait for profits without his consent shall be prohibited.” (From Article 100 of the Chinese Civil Law)

TAIWAN: “Commercial usage would be seen as an infringement of the ‘right of portrait’, if [the] author does not declare his/her intention at first.” (From the Taipei District Court Ruling of 2002)

HONG KONG:  “Personal data shall be collected by means which are lawful; and fair in the circumstances of the case.” (From Personal Data Ordinance, Cap. 486)

JAPAN: “If a photograph is to be published or is made public in any way, the photographer must inform the subject the exact manner and purpose to publish and obtain explicit permission.” (From Two Faces: Privacy and Publicity of the Japan Professional Photographers Society)

In his website rhetoric, Campbell objectifies and dehumanizes women by alleging that his guide will show “how to invite a girl home in a way she CAN’T say no to”. He makes additional derogatory remarks such as: “Did you know Japan’s population is currently in decline due to men not being confident enough to talk, date, let alone ask women out?” and “Don’t believe me? I DARE you to google ‘Herbivore men Japan’”. Campbell's actions in other Asian countries also connect to these racist, sexist sentiments.

Campbell's most notorious incident occurred when he proudly recorded himself teaching a friend how to woo an Asian woman away from her Asian boyfriend in Hong Kong. It is clear that Campbell does not respect the citizens in Asia. He also abuses his status as a foreigner to emotionally manipulate women for his own predatory agenda.

Although Campbell is currently in the U.S., an article from The Next Shark states that he will resume traveling to continue his exploits, commit legal infractions, and violate the rights of those he interacts with. 

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