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Dear Prime Minister,

I am Vikesh Poojary a citizen of India and I was an employee of WTW Global Delivery and Solutions Pvt Ltd. (CIN No.: U72300MH1992PTC066724). India is their one of the Primary ITeS Hub. We were facing some problem in our day to day work from more than a year and coupled with some unreasonable bosses, our situation was getting worst with the tortures, threats and harassments. That’s when few of us thought we will take matters in our hands and report this to the responsible people from HR and let them intervene in this matter.

As you can guess, this has irked the bosses big time. They started coming down heavily on me and Yogesh Yadav (a colleague working in same team) and that’s when the serious problem began for us. I was being threatened by my Team Lead (Jeetu Suhanda), who said “You don’t know what can happen with you in the next 2 months”. I am not sure if they were planning to murder me or spoil my career.

Due to this I was in process of taking transfer in another department. While my friend Yogesh Yadav was tortured so much that he had no other option than attempting a suicide on 2nd May, 2017 inside the office premises and got luckily saved due to immediate medical attention. Yogesh had sent an email about his suicide to multiple people from the higher management and some of his friends including me. It was an off shift timing and hence no one was present and even before anyone could read his email it was deleted from the server. Since I also got the email, and I saved it anticipating their move, I have a copy of it.

I had informed the CEO (Simon Smith) about the wrong happenings across the department in terms of pre-fixed IJPs, integrity issues and much more and we needed help, via a fake email ID which was informed in the email itself, but CEO did not care to respond. Only if he would have replied and acted, things would have been better today. Even after multiple follow-ups on the email our HR Director (Anupama Subramanian) kept requesting and then forcing me to close the email chain (as they did not had a reply for it).

Post Yogesh got discharged from the hospital he went to Police station 3 times. The Police Inspector who was supposed to handle his case sent him back without taking his complaint saying there is no IPC section for mental harassment and he is unable to file any case against these people. He further said that he is the one who should be behind the bars because he attempted suicide. He went to meet Zone VII DCP of Mumbai and submitted complaint. He also sent complaint to CM, Chief Secretary’s office, Labour Minister, Protocol Ministry, Labour Commissioner and even to Commissioner of Police.

Company Lawyer along with the HR Director went ahead and told Yogesh that they already spoke to police and asked them not to take my complaint. He also suggested that going to court will be futile effort because they know how to prolong the case and make it impossible to seek justice and all this while he bragged about how lawyer firms like his are hired by companies to make mass layoffs. Yogesh has the entire conversation recorded and when he threatened to publish the conversation they sent him a legal notice warning him of possible defamation lawsuit. The company lawyer (Binu Somarajan) also indirectly tried asking bribe from me telling that “I need to give them something so that they can give that something to higher management to consider my case”. (Corruption!)

Yogesh had written my name in his Suicide note that even I was been tortured and threatened. That is when the WTW (the company) planned to throw me out, as I was behind Whistle Blowing, the intimation email too, and also I was the prime witness in Yogesh’s case. Not having any logical points against me on performance and behavior issues they couldn’t do much. That is when one of my team Mate (Janvi Sachde) started threatening me telling that she won’t let me be fine and she will do the needful. I couldn’t digest it and complained against her to the HR, Assistant Manager and Manager and they all were with her and no action was taken against her for next 15 days. I then choose to escalate this to CEO and HR Director, this was again a futile effort and I was then thrown out of the room where I had been called for a meet where they did not listen to me and started threatening me. I was then advised to take Professional Counselling being a victim of threatening and the culprit was kept safe. I again choose to take this ahead with the Global CEO and Directors and nothing much happened. So then I went ahead to file a NC against Janvi and I was suspended and terminated whereas no action was taken against her. This is just like a rape victim being jailed and the criminal let free. WTW has spoilt my career with negative and unjust remarks on my termination letter. That is an invalid termination.

There are lots of employees facing similar threats and sexual and mental harassments as the company does not take actions against the culprit and terminates the complainant from the job, people are scared to complain. Just because we need to earn bread and butter for our families, do we need to face such harassments and threats on daily basis?

Can I request you to please conduct an investigation and take strict action against the defaulters, which includes CEO, HR Director, Head or Operations, Managers, Team Leaders and other culprits who support them in threats and tortures? What is going on in organization is a clear example of how we are being treated as slaves and an example of gross misconduct.

‘Acche din’ and ‘Swachh Bharat’ is making a boom across the country and that is what we all Indians were positively looking out at. I appreciate all your hard work and efforts to get us close to that ‘Acche din’. There are still a lot of problems at the grass root level where police and media can be managed and manipulated with the power of money (corruption again!). A case as severe as a suicide because of office torture done inside office premises is neglected to the core. Just because company has enough money, do they have the right to kill anyone and then be free of all the police and legal cases and even the media favors them. Does that mean poor people have no right to justice and they have to die each day with the threats and when too much the only option left is to end life? I am just raising my voice against it, there are several others facing such issues in my organization who are scared to speak up as they fear termination. A strict action will not only help me, but all the employees across my organization and many other. India having world’s largest young population of under 35 years of age, we need protection from such Terrorist who terrorize us inside our own organization wearing a mask of Manager, Team Lead, CEO and HR. For India to survive as a Nation we need to safeguard our working population and not letting them killed by such monsters. Let our government take stringent actions against such culprits who are making it difficult for us to earn our bread and butter.

I and my family are in a severe mental agony because of all these series of incidents. Who will be responsible for spoiling my career and the torture I am facing now?

Awaiting your positive response on this one at the earliest.


Thanks and Best Regards,
Vikesh Poojary, a Whistle-blower

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