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Keep in place the StopCommonCore name

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It has recently come to light that the Stop Common Core Party/ballot line is, or will be, changed to the "Reform Party".

This is being done without the advice and consent of the parents of New York State who pounded the pavement to gather the petition signatures necessary to create the Stop Common Core Party /ballot line. We parents did so with the promise that this party would be all about saving our children from the educational takeover called the Common Core.

The parents, children, and teachers of New York were promised that they would have the Stop Common Core Party/ballot line for four years. Now it seems they won't even have it for four months!  That promise is being broken by political operatives seeking to advance their own careers.

Parents are angry and hurt; we have been lied to and betrayed in the same way that the Common Core pushers like Governor Cuomo and Commissioner King lied to and betrayed our communities about our schools.

The People of New York will not be used as political pawns, nor will we allow our children to be used!

Right now, it appears that Rob Astorino's political campaign people are pulling the strings.  Mr. Astorino ran on the Stop Common Core ballot line in the November 2014 Gubernatorial election.

Does Rob Astorino know what is going on? 

Does he approve of this?

The People of New York want to know!

We have put our trust, our time and our sweat into supporting Rob and up until now, he has shown compassion and loyalty to the parents and children of New York State.

We are calling upon Rob Astorino to once again step up and fight for us; to prove to us that he is the man we believed him to be: a man of conviction who truly cares for the children, teachers, parents, and citizens of New York on the issue of education.

We, the People of New York State, hereby demand an immediate cease and desist of all efforts to change the Stop Common Core Party/ballot line to anything other than its promised intention of being the non-partisan political voice of the children of New York State, and that all appointments to the ruling board of this party be halted until such time as a transparent, democratically- elected group of people can be appointed to represent the parents, children, and teachers of New York State in the republican manner with which this country and state were founded.

These are our children, our schools, and as we did the work to establish it, our party/ballot line!  Education belongs to the people, not the politicians, and so we are asking for Rob Astorino to stand with us, the People, as he promised he would!


We, the undersigned people of New York State

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