Stop "Slap Ass Friday"

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I am not bully-bait. Hi, my name is Robin Warren and I am in 7th grade. At my school the boys touch the girls butts in the crowded hallways. They call it “slap-a** Friday.” When my mom and I went to report it to the school administrator, he suggested that I use my butt as bully bait.

To be more specific he said that all we can do is for me to NEXT time look at my watch and note what time and where it happens so they can find who does it on the cameras. When my mom asked that he just review footage from previous Fridays he said that wouldn’t work. He left the meeting saying “next time it happens…” and I am just not willing to use my butt as bully-bait! I cannot  help that I cannot see or name who is doing it – you don’t know how crowded our hallways are! These bullies are getting away with it.

I don’t think any girl should be touched when she doesn’t want to be touched. It doesn’t matter if it is elementary, middle, or high school it is never okay to touch a girl when she doesn’t want to be touched.  The really sad part is that my school district has a really big problem with bullying and they aren’t doing enough to protect us.


Please join me on asking my school district to take action to stop bullying today!

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