stop95noise​.​org letter to Governor Lamont

stop95noise​.​org letter to Governor Lamont

February 26, 2022
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Governor of Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont
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Why this petition matters and most neighborhood associations in Greenwich have been working with the town, our elected officials, the CT DOT and the State Government to develop a plan to use noise abatement measures on I95 when they undertake a $ 205 million project in Greenwich starting in 2022/23.  We understand that a proposal has been developed and is with Governor Lamont.  We are asking you to sign a letter to Governor Lamont to help make this a priority and move this from his desk to the design board.    If you sign this letter, your name will be added as a co-signatory when it is sent to the Governor.

If you are new to this effort, you can find details at (we also link to other sites with contain relevant research regarding noise pollution, its impact on heath as well as studies on various forms of noise remediation technologies.)

Please sign our letter so we can keep the momentum going.


Dear Governor Lamont,

As a family we are severely impacted by the noise emanating from I-95. These noise levels (70db-80db) far exceed Federally mandated levels and we are) sure you are aware of the substantial detrimental effects noise pollution can have, both on one’s health as well as quality of life.

We understand that an agreement has been reached with the Town of Greenwich, regarding noise remediation for Project 056-0316 (I-95 Rehabilitation from NY State to Exit 6) and that the CT DOT has submitted a proposal for your approval. We anxiously await your approval and the contents of CT DOT’s recommendations.

This project is a once in lifetime opportunity for the State to take action to improve the health and well-being of its residents as other states are doing. We also understand that according to, noise remediation will increase property values/assessments and contribute additional revenue to the Town long after the project has been completed.

In essence, those most effected by noise remediation will pay for it through our taxes and that will benefit the larger community.

We realize you have a lot on your desk but I (we) ask that you prioritize the approval process which will allow us to examine CT DOT’s proposal ASAP.

This project could become a hallmark of your administration.


The Residents of Greenwich and the State of Connecticut




Support now
Signatures: 287Next Goal: 500
Support now