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Stop Youth Bow Hunting in NYS proposal; A2021-2011~12 y o's Granted Right to Kill Wildlife

  Currently there is a proposed bill in the NYS Assembly in which it is being considered to allow 12 year-old youngsters to bow hunt. I know how difficult it is for an accomplished bow hunter to place a killing shot; let alone a child without years of practice. More over I feel very strongly that individuals this young don't understand what murder nor death is. Our Judicial System does not deem a teenager competent enough to face criminal charges for manslaughter; why should it be any different if accused of causing grave harm, suffering or death to a deer or any other animal? What sort of respect for life and sense of responsibility will such a law instill in our kids? 

       “……teenagers lack the tools for decision making and impulse control that older defendants are expected to have. The rationale for treating troubled teenagers more leniently than adults was expressed by Justice Anthony Kennedy in Roper v. Simmons, 543 US 551, which outlawed the death penalty for juveniles. “[A]s any parent knows,” wrote Justice Kennedy, teenagers are more likely than adults to demonstrate “‘a lack of maturity and an underdeveloped sense of responsibility...qualities [that] often result in impetuous and ill-considered actions and decisions.’” 

    Anyone who has ever used a compound bow to hunt knows full well almost never is there a fast, “clean kill”; more than likely the target animal will run and never be humanely put down. I truly feel our teenagers have not developed a sense of responsibility or compassion to engage in such a practice of "sport hunting". It is unconscionable in my opinion that the DEC would endorse such a bill. Without being the voice opposed to such legislation we may never change for the better any rulings on hunting or trapping.  Please write to our NYS Assembly representatives, please write to Majority Leader Silver and ask them to reconsider passage of this bill.


 If you are not yet convinced please take 6 minutes and watch this video.

     Hunting of any sort is cruel; perhaps if we begin educating our children to respect life there is hope in educating adults as well.

Thank you all for your time and consideration in this matter.

Deirdre Ann Wilczak 10303 Sulphur Springs Road Lee Center (315) 942-6766 Wild Blue Yonder Wildlife Rehab & Release Member; NWRA
DEC RVS-permitted Wildlife Rehabilitator, class II; primarily raccoons & skunks.
   White-tail fawns, foxes, squirrels, woodchucks, buns, weasel-family,opossum
DEC Nuisance Wildlife Control Operator; rescue and live removal with compassion.



Letter to
The NY State House
Currently a bill to allow 12 year-old children to hunt deer and bear with a primitive weapon; bow & arrow is before your Senate. As a constituent I implore you to reconsider the ramifications if approval of such a bill comes to pass.
I understand the need to manage herd populations and the need for the DEC to raise funding to secure their jobs and manage their budget. But I firmly feel to permit any twelve year-old to hunt with such a primitive weapon, or any weapon, is unconscionable. Yes we all desire our kids to experience the outdoors and embrace the wilderness. But I feel it is so very important they value the fragility and beauty of the wild.
Sentient creatures as white-tail deer and black bears should be observed and appreciated; not hunted for pleasure and die a lengthy death from a badly placed shot.
We all have heard the claims: hunters kill their prey with great skill & expertise; but that is far from the truth. It is a fact that well over fifty percent of deer shot are never retrieved, that those that are harvested are almost never killed in close proximity of the discharge of any weapon (bow or fire arm). In other words; these animals are allowed to suffer for hours; perhaps days. If we encourage our youth to feel it is acceptable to kill our wildlife and find "sport" in this act of cruelty what sort of message are we sending them regarding respect of any life; animal or human?
Please do not approve this bill-A2021-2011 [an act to amend the environmental conservation law, in relation to reducing the required minimum age for obtaining a junior archery license]
As a voting constituent I implore you to deny this "privilege" to children who have not yet grown to understand the meaning of death and murder in the eyes of the judicial bodies; to kill one of nature's most benign and graceful creatures.
Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter.

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