STOP Yetthinahole project! SAVE Nethravathi, Save Mangalore!

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Dear All,

Yettinahole project is a humongous project costing over Rs 13,000 crores being implemented by deforesting and disturbing the eco-systems in the western ghats. The project will affect the river Netravathi, life line for the people of Dakshina Kannada for both daily use and agriculture.

From the past couple of years, we the people of coastal area - have suffered heavily due to this, specially during the summers having no water for human consumption leave alone for agriculture and other usage. Our elected representatives across party lines have been of no use to make our voices heard. Now is the time for WE THE PEOPLE of Dakshina Kannada and people across coastal line to stand together and contribute for a cause.

We the people equally share the concern of government to provide water to other parts of Karnataka. For the same - we recommend finding scientific means like desalination of water from the sea and making them available to required places along with Dakshina Kannada.

It is high time for us to realise that - a long term plan is the need of the hour and not the river diversion when there is not any water for the locality where it flows. This could be a scam in making where whopping 13000 crores is going to fill pockets and not do any justice to common people.

To add on to the woes, there was a release from Honourable Sir - Dr Veerendra Hegde, dharmadikari of Sri Manjunatha Swamy Temple of Dharmastala requesting devotees to postpone their visit to temple in the context of water scarcity. We as Mangaloreans have never seen such a deficit of water that one had to stop visiting Sri Manjunatha Swamy Temple. Attempts will be made to reach out to honourable Dr. Veerendra Hegde to reach out to elected representatives and make a bargain for best of Mangalore to stop this cruel-some project.

Once we reach the required number - this will be submitted to District Commissioner of Dakshina Kannada, MP of Dakshina Kannada, relevant MLA's of Dakshina Kannada to take required steps further. If we do not see anything happening in our favour in spite of this effort, this movement would turn out to be a people movement and we will ensure the project is STOPPED forever and only scientific methods are implemented without the disturbance of eco-system.


Vijayendra Shenoy (