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Change crime laws in Florida ; wrongfully accused

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I STARTED THIS PETITION AGAIN BECAUSE THE CASE HAS A LOOPHOLE; IT CAN BE opened AGAIN! The mother accused my brother of intentional child abuse; for the benefit of herself and harassment. THE WITNESS THAT WAS BROUGHT IN, didn’t fulfill what was needed because he is a drug addict. He could not positivotely identify mr ervin. My brother did his time for prior crimes but he DID NOT DESERVE THIS ! Sadly my nephew is adopted but hopefully we will stop this from happening omg again and get justice  My brother is wrongfully accused and has been incarcerated for almost three years for a crime he did NOT COMMIT. . ERRORS BY 

Florida statute (b) Abandonment as defined in s. 39.01(1) or when the identity or location of the parent or parents is unknown and cannot be ascertained by diligent search within 60 days. This is wrong because the father was incarcerated, and they knew the location.
(c) When the parent or parents engaged in conduct toward the child or toward other children that demonstrates that the continuing involvement of the parent or parents in the parent-child relationship threatens the life, safety, well-being, or physical, mental, or emotional health of the child irrespective of the provision of services. Provision of services may be evidenced by proof that services were provided through a previous plan or offered as a case plan from a child welfare agency.
(d) When the parent of a child is incarcerated and either:
1. The period of time for which the parent is expected to be incarcerated will constitute a significant portion of the child’s minority. When determining whether the period of time is significant, the court shall consider the child’s age and the child’s need for a permanent and stable home. The period of time begins on the date that the parent enters into incarceration;
These are incorrect because incarceration is not sufficient enough to terminate parental rights in most states.
Irrespective of services, meaning my brother Bradley Ervin had a right to services whether or not he could afford it. They denied the services. They favored the mother .
The caseworker and the investigators took their opinions and assumptions of the circumstances and situation and put it down on paper as a fact. They stated that the child cannot be reunited with the father but failed to prove why.
They lacked expert testimony to back up what they were saying.
and medical examiner was brought in stating, that The child had not been harmed and he has no cognitive or developmental delays
there is no physical evidence that any harm has been done to the child at all.
they did not allow evidence to be presented in court while it would change the outcome of the situation and prevent the termination of parental rights they hindered the process and did not consider relatives and did not conduct a diligent search when they were supposed to in the beginning.

Please share this sign it and pass it along to people that believe that children should be placed with their relatives above anything. Please share this and sign it and pass it along to people that believe that the wrongfully accused and incarcerated should be given another chance

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