STOP Workplace Toxicity

STOP Workplace Toxicity

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The purpose of this petition is to raise awareness on workplace fairness and equality regardless of gender, race, age, religion.

In most MNC of today, it is known that there are certain hierarchy polices being abuse and misused. Connections and relationships are the key to getting one a better salary and position and authority abuse, employees concerns, voices may be heard but not address to which leaving them with no choice and leads to a resignation per say.

The hiring processes should be transparent and voices should be heard and not be ignored. Let's all create a healthier environment not just for ourselves but our next generation.

In order to revive the order of things and raise awareness for employees of different industries and organizations to come together as one to stand up against the unfairness and mistreatment within their organisation. In particularly certain [personnel] rather than the organisation itself that might indirectly implicates the organisation as a whole as most organisations are great if these toxic personnel are being stripe off their roles to achieve a toxic-free environment.

Some of the usual mistreatment as listed below to raise awareness:

1. Workplace Biasness

2. Inappropriate use of language/statement

3. Personal attacks

4. Authority pressure

5. Unethical political stirs between co-workers

6. Overwhelmed and unrealistic workload

7. Workload and responsibilities to be defined with fairness and appreication upon fulfillment


9. THREATEN and DISRESPECTFUL act or statements

10. Adequate rest and respect during Medical leaves, day off or applied leaves.

This is to raise awareness for a toxic free environment which would bring benefit to the ground folks that should be standing together for their rights as humans to be well respected, appreciated and change should take place from a social level for the benefit of the organisation moving forward to maintain and continue peace and prosperity within the organisation.

High management and Authority should look into attrition rates within different division/ business units to ensure the well-being of the ground employees both mentally and physically are well taken care of. The reputation of an organisation rely on the leadership of the individual, should the individual be a toxic personnel, employees on ground would be suffering in silence.

Despite the fact that years of experience, skills and connections plays an important role in an organisation success. The key to sustainability rely greatly on good leadership and loyal employees. Taking the risk of losing good employees to be govern in a toxic environment is totally unacceptable. 

We seek your support in this movement! We are garnering the VOICES from the public and our co-workers to be shared with the relevant MNC HR and higher Authority for our concerns to be heard and INTERNAL Investigation of WORKPLACE BULLYING with disciplinary action enforced as such behaviour is UNACCEPTABLE and should not be tolerated! 

Every signature counts, do your part for those that may be your friends, family or co-worker! 

61 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!