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Charlie and Braden Powell (7 and 5, respectively) died this past Sunday when their father set fire to their home, killing all three. Their funeral is to be held at the Life Center Church in Tacoma this Saturday, at 11.

The Westboro Baptist Church plans to go to this funeral to protest Washington State's support of gay marriage. The Church members claim that the deaths were caused by God punishing the state for this support.


It is essential that the State recognize this for what it is: hate and cruelty. This should in no way affect how the State judges the legislation to approve gay marriage, which is just, fair, and necessary for a growing and expanding society such as ours.

This sort of hatred and cruelty is far over the line anywhere, but going to a funeral and claiming that the deaths were punishment from god is so far over that it is unbelievable.

Please join in petitioning the Washington State government to raise awareness for this and other issues and to stop the Westboro Church from protesting in this way. Furthermore, help us let them see that it is important that they pass this gay marriage legislation. These sorts of protests are immoral, cruel, and absolutely ridiculous, and denying non-straights the right to enjoy the happiness and benefits that straights do is horrible. We need to stop this Church. We need to support this legislation.

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I just signed the following petition addressed to: Washington State Government.

Stop the Westboro Baptist Church protest at the Powell Funeral

Washington State and Affiliated Elected Officials:

As you probably know, on Saturday there will be a funeral for Charlie and Braden Powell, aged 7 and 5 respectively. The Westboro Baptist Church plans to attend this funeral as a protest of the Washington State legislature approving gay marriage.

I want you to know that I am completely against this protest, and furthermore, that I completely support this legislation.

The protesters' actions are immoral, cruel, and ridiculous. It is my hope that these actions will not affect your judgement of gay marriage.

I hope that you understand how essential it is to stop this Church and to have this legislation passed.