Stop West Point from Trampling on Religious and First Amendment Rights

Stop West Point from Trampling on Religious and First Amendment Rights

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Why this petition matters

Started by John Hughes

Concerned friend of West Point,

This week (November 2022) 6 cadets at West Point have been given direct orders to take the COVID-19 vaccine.  They have objected on religious grounds.

To date at least three federal courts independently have issued injunctions and class action status prohibiting the military from punishing members of the Air Force, Navy, and Marines, respectively, for not taking the COVID-19 vaccine when they have religious objections to doing so under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act Statue and the First Amendment of the US Constitution.  At least two lawsuits involving West Point cadets as plaintiffs are expected to have the same results for the same reasons. 

Despite the ongoing legal battles, West Point has directed the cadets to take the vaccine by a suspense date or face UCMJ and likely separation from West Point and the Army.  Worse, they face receiving Honorable or General Under Honorable Conditions discharges.  The latter risks job discrimination for life and is given to soldiers convicted of actual criminal activity.  

Bear in mind, in 2021 West Point allegedly allowed a cadet who stole a watch and was caught on tape to graduate.  Further, 53 of the 73 cadets 'found' guilty of cheating on the 2020 West Point math exam are being allowed to progress at West Point and ultimately graduate.  

In nearly 3 years, 0 cadets have died of COVID-19.

In short, West Point is allowing cadets who lie, cheat, or steal (honor code violations) to graduate and lead soldiers in the Army while harassing and expelling cadets for exercising religious beliefs.

If you think West Point and its Leaders' morals are wrong, please sign this petition. 

 Thank you.

158 have signed. Let’s get to 200!