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Even if you have signed up for overdraft protection AND you are linked to an account that can cover the overdraft in the event of a mistake-- Wells Fargo is STILL REQUIRING YOU TO PAY A FEE OF $35 per overdraft up to FOUR OVERDRAFTS PER DAY.  You could be charged $140 per day EVEN when you signed up for the service THEY say will protect you!

The inherent benefit to signing up for overdraft protection, especially when linked to an account that can cover the overdraft is NOT be charged at all.  What, then is the point of having the overdraft protection?

It is tough enough out there in this economy.  It is way out of line to be charging these outrageous fees.  The Wells Fargo commericals and even the "integrity" statement listed by the CEO's picture on the website ( leads us to believe that the banks are really trying to help with the very issues for which they have been most culpable.

This high fee practice erodes the public trust and faith, let alone penalizes people who rely on the very programs set up to protect us.  It is a violation of the worst order and only contrbutes more toward corporate greed .

Wells Fargo has consistently stepped over the line--let's put them BACK IN LINE, or go elsewhere!

This petition was delivered to:
  • EVP, Controller
    Richard D. Levy
  • EVP, General Counsel
    James M Strother
  • President Home Mortgage and EVP, Wells Fargo
    Michael J. Heid
  • Senior EVP, Cheif Administrative Officer
    Patricia Callahan
  • Senior EVP, Chief Financial Officer
    Timothy Sloan
  • Senior EVP, Chief Risk Officer
    Michael Loughlin
  • Senior EVP Wholesale Banking
    David A. Hoyt
  • Senior EVP, Community Banking
    Carrie L. Tolstedt
  • Senior EVP, Consumer Lending
    Avid Modjtabai
  • Head of Corporate and Financial Communications
    Mary Eshet
  • EVP, Director of Coroprate Communications
    Oscar Suris
  • Senior EVP, Wealth Brokerage and Retirement Services
    David M Carroll
  • Senior EVP, Cheif Information Officer
    Kevin A. Rhein
  • The Board
    Board of Directors
  • Media-ATM Banking, Consumer Deposits, Government Relations
    Richele Messick
  • Media-Finance, Human Resources, Legal
    Ancel Martinez
  • Media-Corporate Properties/Corporate Risk
    Alexandra Ball
  • Media-Social Responsibility and Executive Communications
    Alanson Van Fleet
  • Media-Executive Communications
    Janis A. Smith
  • CEO
    John G. Stumpf

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