Stop Water Shut Offs

Stop Water Shut Offs

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Why this petition matters

Started by Mark Linde

   On December 31st the state governor reinstated utility shut offs recently the city of pittsburg mailed out notices and will start shut offs.

  Previously the city would negotiate an average of 4 payments keeping in mind you still paid your regular monthly payment allowing you to get caught up. The city has stopped that demanding full payment within 30 days. 

  We’re asking the city to negotiate in good faith a repayment program to help residents, it’s not asking for a hand out but a hand getting back up. Pittsburg also declared a surplus’s during the last state of the city were not asking those funds be used for repayment. 

1) Pittsburg Residency isn’t required to sign. 

2) This isn’t a write off people are still required to pay all past due ballances.

3) Certian criteria will be required to be met. Proof of SSI, Disability payments, Workers Comp, covid death in family, unemployment to name a few. 

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20 have signed. Let’s get to 25!