Don't waste water

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Did you all know that there is water scarcity In Chennai, India? Yes, there is shortage of water everywhere... Like Africa, but today I am going to go on with the example of Chennai. As you all know that water is very precious, and it is finishing off 2020 there will not be any ground water left in Delhi. Crop failure, power shortages and more all happen because of water scarcity. 500 million people in India depend on the monsoons for their crop production and it usually fails as there are floods, taking place because of global warming or there is scarcity. "This most precious of resources is having a decade dedicated to it by the United Nations as the international organization seeks to rally its member countries to address a problem that threatens to worsen the lives of billions." This is quoted from 

To let ourselves have enough water for the upcoming years of our own life and of new generations we need to start now. We will not and cannot make the mistakes the generations before us made. 

Save water! A few pro tips about water saving are 

1.use a bucket of water for everything you do

2.Turn off the taps. Don't let your water run out of control

 3.Boil what you need. Save water, money and energy by only boiling as many cups of water as you need.

4.Shower with less.

5.Save up your dirty clothes.

6.Get a low-flush toilet.

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I think we all know why we should save water right? If you still don't know why we need to save water.. read this article again and research about it.

If you have made it till here it is clear that you really want to save water.. please share this with everyone and make a change.