Stop war in Ukraine, ask for neutrality in Europe

Stop war in Ukraine, ask for neutrality in Europe

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Iniciada por Marie-Ange DETRIE

All human beings are brothers because they live on the same planet, Ukrainian and Russians are brothers too, and also neighbours, so, the war between them should never have begun.  Already millions of Ukrainian people have fled their homes, many have lost everything or have been killed under the bombs. We see now that there is within the European governments an escalation in the actions that will lead to more war and destruction. It is urgent to stop this, and to ask the European governments  to push for real negotiations to stop the war, it is time for the European citizens to raise their voice and call for a real PEACE IN EUROPE.

European countries instead of sending military support to Ukraine and implementing economic sanctions to Russia, should react strongly to the escalation of polarization that conducts the region to more hate and war. They should declare that NATO is no longer needed as Europe want to live in peace, instead of being the battlefield of other world powers that cause them prejudice.  Europe instead of reinforce links with NATO should help Ukraine to throw away all the foreign armies and militias, help them to rebuild their country and make peace between all the Ukrainian citizens. With all the money spent in this ignominious conflict, so many things could be done for the welfare of people instead of bringing death and destruction. 

It is highly desirable that President Zelinsky understand that NEUTRALITY is the only correct path towards a peaceful future, and ask to all European countries to support him in the way of peace and neutrality with dismantlement of NATO.  Claiming for arms to European Union for a war that will definitively have no winner and will reduce Ukraine to ashes and kill millions of innocent people is definitely not the solution and a lot of European citizens do not want to follow this way.

This petition is for asking to all the European Union governments the following:

-         Declaration of the NEUTRALITY of European Union between the two blocks USA and Russian.

-         Beginning of the process of exit of NATO for the EU countries (in fact, dismantlement of NATO alliance).

-         Support Ukraine to ask all foreign armies and militias from both sides to cease fire and leave the country.

-         Ask Ukraine to suppress the modification of their Constitution made in 2019 referring to the adhesion to NATO, and replace it by a Declaration of Neutrality.

-         Help Ukraine in the negotiations with Russia in the definition of an agreement about Donbass regions and Crimea with full warranty of peace and no discrimination for the Russian-speaking citizens whatever will be the decision about their situation.

-         Reorientate the economic support of EU to Ukraine towards rebuilding of the country and humanitarian help instead of military support.

-         Beginning of the process of integration of Ukraine into European Union with help to reach the required conditions for this.

20 personas firmaron. ¡Ayuda a conseguir 25!