Stop war in DR Congo, stop supporting Kagame’s regime. ICC open the UN mapping report

Stop war in DR Congo, stop supporting Kagame’s regime. ICC open the UN mapping report

June 4, 2022
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Why this petition matters

To governments everywhere:

"We stand with the people of The Democratic Republic of Congo.

Congolese people do not want war. They are peaceful people.

Since 1996 Rwanda has been sending military in Congo saying that they chasing refugees Hutus who committed the genocide in Rwanda.

The war in 1996 has killed millions of Congolese especially in Kivu region.

In 1998 Rwanda sent its troupes to support the rebels group of RCD in DR Congo. Once again millions of people died during this war. The mapping report of UN underlined all the crime committed.

Since 2004 the regime of Paul Kagame has been supporting rebels groups ( Nkunda Batware, Bosco Ntaganda, M23 ) to create war in Congo.

Recently Kagame sent the M23 and his soldiers to create war again in the Kivu region. This is an attack on freedom, freedom and democracy.

We urge you to respond with unity, holding Kagame’s regime in Kigali and its associates, cheerleaders and supporters to account by imposing far-reaching sanctions, and doing all you can to stop the war in Congo. He must respond before justice on all the crime he committed in the DR Congo.

We urge Arsenal football team and Paris Saint Germain ((PSG) to stop supporting Kagame’s regime. 

Let the world stand against him as we stand against the war in Ukraine.

In the face of fear, choose courage. In the face of division, choose unity. 

And in the face of aggression, choose peace."

Add your voice to this global open letter, and share it everywhere. When we reach enough signatures, Avaaz will publish our call in international media. 

In this hour of need, let's show that the whole world stands with the people of the Democratic Republic of Congo!

These people deserve to live in peace

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Signatures: 37Next Goal: 50
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