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Stop Walden University & others from denying PhD degrees on technicalities after taking 100s of 1000s of an A student's $s.

Stop Universities from taking hundreds of thousands of dollars from students and denying Doctoral Program completion, after all coursework has been done but the dissertation is not finished, due to arbitrary timelines. A student with an A average, dissertation at the proposal completion stage, delayed due to the death of their mother, and then the death of their son but now on track, should not be withdrawn because they did not finish by a certain date. This is especially unfair when the final delays were due to the actions of the committee chair and another committee member. They should allow the student to do their study and finish their paper. The paper passed the “Turnitin” assessment and was given a 98 in the last committee members rubric assessment. It is time for the study.

There is an infinite number of doctoral students and ABDs [those completing all but their dissertation] who have had A averages, paid almost $200,000. only to be told that they will not be given time to finish because they have gone passed the allotted number of years to finish. They may have been delayed because of the death of their son or daughter, their mother or father or even been sabotaged by their chair. Help these more than deserving individuals get their degrees. Universities should not be allowed to prevent students who have completed their coursework with A averages not get their degree because of the delays of life circumstances. Walden University withdrew a student and told her that they would not allow her to re-apply and be readmitted into her original catalogue. That meant that she would be required to start from scratch. They would only accept 9 of 17 courses taken at their own University; required that the academic year of residency be repeated, as well as her practicum and pre-doctoral internship. In essence the student would be starting all over. The student qualified for a dual specialization PhD because instead of talking electives she took the core courses for an additional PhD. All of her work at the university would be, in essence, null and void. The person informing her of all of this even used the term “black balled.” Help this student and others like her get a fair resolution to this matter, at least an ABD certificate.

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  • Graduate Psychology Department Director
    Anthony Perry
  • University President Cynthia G. Baum
    Walden University and universities offering Doctorates & PhDs
  • U.S. House of Representatives

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