Stop violence and abuse against children in Vietnam

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​Child abuse remains an unsolved problem in Vietnam. Many children in Vietnam now are suffering domestic violence and even sexual abuse without any serious protection from the local authority. ​

(Unicef, 2014) nearly 75 percent of children aged 2-14 in Vietnam have been violently abused by parents, caretakers or other family member at least once. 

For instance, In early December 2017, Tran Hoai Nam, a Hanoi resident, was arrested by police for spending a year physically abusing his ten-year-old son, resulting in scaring and injuries across the young boy’s body (Youth, 2018).

In December 2017, police in the southern province of An Giang also launched legal proceedings against a P.E. teacher, who was denounced by parents as having sexually abused at least ten fourth and fifth graders at his school (Youth, 2018).

Earlier in October 2017, Lang Thanh Duan, a school guard in the Central Highlands province of Dak Lak was prosecuted for raping five 11-year-old schoolgirls and one nine-year-old student between 2015 and 2017.

More than 2,000 cases that children are abused in Vietnam every year (Vietnamese Ministry of Labor, War Invalids, and Social Affairs , 2017)

According to Tuoi Tre (Youth) 2016, over 1,000 children are raped and 1,00 in Vietnam are murdered annually. 

What do these numbers mean? Can the number indicate the problem? No, these statistics are only the tip of the ice berg, an uncountable number of cases go unreported or are unrecorded.  

As admitted by Dang Hoa Nam, head of the Children Department under the Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs, the severity of child abuse cases in Vietnam is getting more complicated and worrying every year. “Children of all ages are being physically and sexually abused at home and school by different actors, most of whom, sadly, are family members, teachers, and friends,” he said at an event in December, 2017 (Youth, 2018).

How many more heart-breaking cases of child abuse make headlines in Vietnam before sufficient and efficient measures are in place to tackle the country’s chronic domestic problems?

It is important to improve and ensure children are being protected in Vietnam to give them more security, confidence and a better life. 

Vietnamese Government should start a clear campaign to stop child abuse and violence against children and have the clear route for children seeking protection. 

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