Petition Closed

Women are under attack in West Bengal.
It doesn't matter what socio-economic strata do they belong old they are...even physically or mentally challenged women are under brutal attack every day.
We are all suffering from acute feeling of insecurity.
Yet the State and administration remains oblivious to our plight.
We cannot remain silent anymore....we cannot wait any longer to protest.

Letter to
West Bengal Commission for Women
West Bengal Human Rights Commission
National Commission for Women
Like Delhi,Mumbai,Bengaluru, Kolkata is on its way to becoming a mega-city.
Even though we are far off from becoming Jibananda Das's 'Kallolini Tilottama', the present government reassures us that Kolkata will soon become London!
But in the recent past,it has been observed that the crimes typical of mega-cities have been rearing their ugly heads in Kolkata as well.
One aspect of it is evident in the rising frequency of attacks on women,specially in public places.
In the last one year, not only in Kolkata, but this kind of crime has escalated in small Government hospitals, homes for physically or mentally challenged women...
Even young children or disabled women are becoming victims of these attacks.
In parts of Kolkata and Salt Lake sector, it is becoming dangerous for women to move out late in the evening.
The increasing incidents of rape or mass-rape in recent months,of women from all stratas of society, both from urban and rural sectors, have resulted in the National Commission for Women issuing a note of warning to the State Government in its latest report.It has even been alleged from districts that village women have been harassed and molested by the police in a drunken state.
It is a matter of profound regret that instead of tackling these complaints with right earnest, the Government is not even treating them with the seriousness due to them.On the contrary, we are witnessing a tendency even in the highest rank of administration to sweep them as 'false' or 'motivated'. This attitude is likely to encourage professional anti-socials to commit crimes with impunity. Furthermore, the younger generation may find in this attitude an excuse for condoning certain violent crimes against women as "happenings in the course of nature".
It is also calculated to breed callousness amidst the police administration.
We feel that in the face of the inaction and silence of the administration, it is necessary that we,as members of the civil society,to communicate this concern to the administration and to put pressure on them to take necessary action.
With the goal to build such a consensus among the civil society and create the pressure upon the State Government to come out of its indifferent inertia , we are putting our voices together in this petition...
It is for the future of ourselves and our families that we need to combat this attack on women.

Sukumari Bhattacharya ,
Yashodhara Bagchi,
Malini Bhattacharya ,
Malabika Chattopadhyay,
Sobha Sen ,
Sumitra Chowdhury,
Sudeshna Chakroborty,
Krishna Basu,
Shikha Mukherjee ,
Debjani Chaliha,
Sheila Kapoor,
Aparajita Goppi,
Maya Ghosh ,
Chitra Sen,
Amita Dutta ,
Bhadra Basu,
Urmimala Basu,
Usha Ganguly,
Seema Mukhopadhyay,
Jayanti Soren,
Eshita Mukherjee ,
Jyotirmoyee Sikdar,
Gouri Ghosh ,
Shahnaz Nabi ,
Papia Adhikary,
Dr Rama Das ,
Mishka Halim,
Debarati Som,
Kusum Jain,
Anindita Sarbadhicari