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If you’re comfortable with corporate greed and destroying middle-class jobs, this petition is not for you. But, if massive executive pay increases at the expense of workers’ benefits are hard for you to stomach, read on.

Verizon Wireless recently implemented a $30 upgrade fee on all cellphones. It’s money that comes out of the consumer’s pocket, bypasses Verizon Wireless’ workers -- who are facing increased health care costs and gutted pensions -- and flows directly into the hands of Verizon’s rich shareholders and super-rich CEO.

What’s more, Verizon Communications just tripled CEO Lowell McAdam’s salary while the company continues to eliminate thousands of American jobs and send them overseas.

These abuses are all symptomatic of the same disease – rampant corporate greed. Verizon Communications could provide good middle-class jobs and make a profit without charging customers extra for upgrades.

You can be the cure: Pledge now to stand up for Verizon's workers. 


Letter to
Verizon Communications Board of Directors
I’m writing to express my deep concern over Verizon’s rampant corporate greed.

You're asking Verizon Wireless customers to pay more when they upgrade at the same time that you are asking workers to to pay thousands of dollars more for health care. Yet you can afford to TRIPLE your CEO's compensation from $7.2 million to $23.1 million per year.

Today, I’m standing with hardworking Verizon Wireless customers and employees. Verizon Wireless could choose to provide good middle-class jobs and make a profit without charging customers extra for upgrades. It’s time to stop the greed.

Thank you,

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