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Vaughan Animal Services has a habit of targeting dogs which have any resemblance to a pit bull breed animal. Despite written proof and veterinary support, dogs have remained seized and caged for months while their humans fight to get the family pet back home. While the wording of BSL is vague in the very least, these are not dogs who have any record of misbehaving or biting nor do they remotely conform to the description of pit bull breed as described by law. They just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Recently a 12 year old cross breed dog Ringo was seized and as happened in June to another family who had their pet Gamboa taken, there is no justification for keeping them. Papers of proof were submitted in both cases but Vaughan Animal Services refused to accept them. Both dogs remain in cages no doubt scared and bewildered. Some families have had to resort to obtaining and paying for legal advice.

***Since originally posting this petition it has come to light that Vaughan Animal Services are holding at least 2 other dogs in addition to Ringo and Gamboa, under the same circumstance. There may be more.  Investigations into this are essential.

The dogs suffer and the families suffer. There is no reason for it except for an over zealous organization that seems to have taken it upon themselves to rid the province of any animal which could remotely look like a pit bull.

Shelters are allowed to charge exorbitant boarding fees when they seize a pet. Vaughan Animal Services needs to stop unjustifiably seizing dogs and ripping them from their families in order to fit their own agenda. 

This is not fair, this is not just and this is not humane.  Return Ringo and Gamboa to their families


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