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Stop vaccine mandates, accept titers, stop denying Nurses & HC workers work

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More and more vaccines are being introduced without regards to their safety and effectiveness. Often they include dangerous chemicals such as aluminum, formaldehyde, and mercury also containing bacteria, viruses, pathogens (dead or alive) and frequently diseased genetic material from other species such as  monkeys, pigs, and birds.

We are bombarded with hyped up fears and virtues of immunity they supposedly give, while the deaths and disabilities resulting from them are kept out of the mainstream medias reporting.
HCW's that make medical decisions to refuse them are not respected. We are attacked by the vaccine industries, that promote us as selfish people that don't care about the safety of the patients we care for. These are the same tactics used by Big Pharma that puts Naturopathic Physicians on quackwatch because they don't support the many toxic drugs they produce.

Our immune systems are being weakened not strengthened by the chemical brews created in their laboratory. For those of us that want to protect our immune system and build them up naturally through vitamin D, astaxanthan and many other safe methods we should have that option.We should not be treated like uneducated, disobedient children that can't make intelligent decisions not to take the poisons we know them to be. Please educate yourself about the potential harm to some of the vaccines throught the following links, then send them to your facebook page and friends.



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