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Stop Using Sex to Educate Drivers on Safety

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The government of Nova Scotia in Canada needs to set a better example. It is unacceptable for a government commission to create a safe driving campaign with sexualized images of a young woman who constantly uses sexual innuendo to talk about bridge safety.

The Province of Nova Scotia’s Halifax-Dartmouth Bridge Commission started a campaign to raise awareness of bridge safety. On May 14, 2012 they launched their Safe Driving Campaign titled “Listen to Bridget.” Bridget is a fake persona that has been described as a” breathy 25 year old in stilettoes with lots of eye makeup,” who sends out constant sexualized messages about bridge safety. The two ad slogans are: 1)” I like a driver who takes it slow” and 2) “hey you, eyes on the road”


A great number of people from Nova Scotia, men and women alike, would like to see this campaign end. Let’s change the two slogans above to “I like a government who respects their constituents” and “Hey you, stop the “Listen to Bridget” Safe Driving Campaign.

This campaign seems to be directed totally at men since her twitter description says, “Watch your speed on my bridge, fastboy. Or watch out.” For examples of the numerous sexual messages ‘Bridget’ is tweeting, check out her twitter page:!/ListenToBridget

It seems that the provincial government has decided to champion the use of sex and a sexualized young female persona to ‘educate’ the public. Is this a role model that the government wants to set for the younger women in the province of Nova Scotia?” This image is sexist and demeaning to both men and women, as it insinuates that men in Nova Scotia all think with their libido. Give some credit to the women and men of Nova Scotia and stop insulting their intelligence.

“Bridget” insults the men and women living in Nova Scotia further with radio ads that refer to listeners with derogatory names, such as morons, dummy, and dirt bags. This lack of respect needs to stop. We understand the need to increase awareness of bridge safety, but there are better ways to reach the public then by denigrating them.

Governments are supposed to be Leaders. Start leading by setting better examples and stop the “Listen to Bridget” Campaign.


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