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Stop Unnecessary Drugging of Children using Psychiatric Medications.

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Please help Stop Unnecessary Drugging of Children/Babies with potentially dangerous Psychiatric drugs. 

Millions of children are taking psychiatric and stimulant drugs globally.  I am making an appeal to the global community to assist me in my campaign for “Stopping the Unnecessary Drugging of Children/Babies with potentially dangerous Psychiatric drugs.”  We need all people, doctors and professionals to join this cause.

After almost 30 years of prescribing, we are still in a position that states, "that may help".  In the meantime, people have and continue to report serious effects from the time they commenced these medications.  When they stopped (if they could), they reported these side effects as disappearing.    

Almost all pharmaceutical companies have paid large criminal and civil fines for fraud and false claims involving their drugs.  Yet, Governments continue to allocate billions of dollars to these drugs by way of subsidies.  Any doctors or professionals that question the industry, are ironically ridiculed or labelled heretics.  But this is normal, and people should not be dissuaded from staying firm to protect their rights.

Clinical trials appear to have been adulterated with potentially misleading statements and findings.  Pharmaceutical companies may be misrepresenting the benefits of psychiatric drugs such as antidepressants and antipsychotics so they can increase in Stock prices.  

Governments may be reluctant to address this and related issues, because these companies employ thousands of people and contribute to the economy.  But does this justify the need to contribute to poor health outcomes and increased budgetary strain as a result of paying more for healthcare.

Specialised marketing campaigns have replaced science, doctors no longer read product information to warn patients or consider individualised medicine using Cytochrome testing.  Instead Doctors rely on sales representatives who are generally paid commissions + retainer to advise of the benefits whilst deemphasising the risks or omitting them completely.  

The clinical trials have demonstrated that these drugs at best in (ADULTS) performed "marginally" better than a Placebo (which is essentially a Nothing Pill).  

In Children, these medications may have increased suicidal thoughts and increased propensity for violence. So while some people say "I feel better", they do not know that chances are they may have felt that way on placebo (or a Nothing Pill).  

If we do nothing, Iatrogenic induced epidemics supported by lack of Government will may collapse health care programs due to cost blow-outs, sicknesses, mental health problems, increased prison populations and at the same time see an increase in violence and suicides.

The increase in dramatic violence and suicide seems to correlate with the mass distribution of these drugs.  

People attend their Doctor for a broken arm, Spinal damage, Erection problems, sprained muscles, 'garden variety sadness', Period Pain and other minor issues.  The thing they all have in common is, they may all be prescribed an antidepressant or anti-psychotic because Pharmaceutical Marketing Representatives, industry paid Key Opinion Leaders and some so-called reputable Journals suggest they "may" help.  Whilst this itself is madness, there are no Government Regulators standing up for their Citizens. 

If you really think your health or that of your child matters please help us by stopping the unnecessary drugging.    

Stopping Unnecessary Drugging of Children and adults can be done, but first you must act by doing your part in signing and spreading this petition.   

Unnecessarily drugging children must stop now!  

‘We the people’ of the world in exercising our democratic right, ask the following governmental and non-governmental bodies to convey our request to all international lawmakers, members of Congress, National, Federal and International Assemblies, members of European Parliament/Commission, Members of the African Union/Commission, leaders of Union of South American Nations, members of Parliament across the world, Leaders of Asian Nations, Human Rights Organisations, Members of the United Nations and Non-Governmental agencies around the world to - Stop the Unnecessary Drugging of Children/Babies with potentially dangerous Psychiatric Drugs.

Please sign the petition and tell your friends and family.

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