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Stop United Airlines from grounding our furry family members

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For military families, a pet isn’t just a pet. They become a part of our families. While our loved ones are away, a pet keeps us busy and company. It gives the children someone to love and take their mind off mommy or daddy being away. Military families move because the government makes us. Moving is not cheap for the average family, and military families tend to move every 3 years. When leaving one duty station to another, we incur all types of fees and charges every 3 years to pack up and move out once again. Younger military families can’t afford that kind of money. The airline would be forcing families to separate and make it that much harder for families to cope. To change the policy and make us pay cargo fees anywhere from $1500-$4000 per pet is unrealistic and impractical.

This doesnt go for just military families. The average family cant afford this either. Many families travel all across the world and want to take a little bit of home with them. As a whole, this policy cant be tolerated. They might just be animals to United, but to others and most our pets are our family.

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