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Pure bred Beagles from China have been imported into India (Advinus Therapeutics, Bangalore) falsely as pets, for clinical trials and toxicology testing. Most of these beagle are debarked just so that the lab technicians handling them do not get irritated. These Beagles undergo tests that they are not even sanctioned for. Lethal doses of toxic agro-chemical are injected into these animals, in the absence of anesthesia, to monitor physiological changes/affects. In reality Advinus has been sacrificing the beagles at the end of their study based on Drug Toxicity Testing Protocol.

I recently adopted one of the female beagles rescued from Advinus Labs. Its painful to see her with such a traumatized past. After we got her home, the first 2 weeks were tough. There were nights where she would sit up in the corner of my room shivering head to toe probably thinking I would hurt her.

I need your help to carry forward this petition to as many as possible and turn it into a reality. Kindly sign if you care.

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    Ravi Krishnareddy

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