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Stop allowing religious media outlets to use students to promote their agenda under the guise of being "Patriotic" on Christ-based media outlets and subjecting them to proselytizing by displaying the promise and logo that "God Listens".

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The Christ-based radio station, KSBJ travels around the Houston, TX area to both public and private schools recording and photographing children as part of a program titled "Say The Pledge". The media they collect is edited, published and includes the logo and promise that "God Listens" when displayed on the station's website, facebook page and on air segments amongst ONLY religious programming. The DJ wears a uniform with the same logo on it, and uses microphones, equipment and an oversized van where the "God Listens" sentiment is prominently displayed to young, impressionable students from preschool through older elementary grades. This is blatant discrimination against Non-Christians and forces them to opt out, thus causing a young child to feel excluded from their peers, and often times rejected for their religious affiliations. Of course, one must tune into the Christain only programming thereafter. Imagine the outrage the community would display if this activity were included in a non- christian faith such as Muslim, or even Atheist programming displaying a logo about "Allah" or what God is not. Public elementary school is NOT the place to solicit children to appear in religious programming. There are many other avenues for that. This activity is a violation of the First Amendment's Establishment Clause, and should not be allowed or promoted by the school or district.

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