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Stop Trumpcare From Passing in the Senate

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Under Trumpcare, many of us will lose our health care or pay a higher premium based on our income and pre-existing conditions beyond our control. This is not what democracy looks like, and we need to let the Senate know that we will not stand by quietly as our rights are stripped away.


Why should you be concerned about Trumpcare?

  • 54 million uninsured - almost twice the number of people uninsured now
  • Many employers will no longer require health insurance - many who gained insurance over the last few years will likely lose it
  • Those in their 50's and 60's will be charged higher premiums, and may not be insured at all (this may be you, or maybe it's your parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles that you're worried about)
  • There will be less taxes for the wealthy (those making > $250k), which goes directly against Trump's supposed message of helping the middle class and taking down the 1% 
  • Medicaid expansion will be cut, meaning less federal funding for low-income families. This includes families with disabilities. This will largely affect minorities and those with large families. Many infants, children, and young adults will be uninsured.
  • Under the new Trumpcare, many with pre-existing conditions can be turned away by health insurance providers or charged extremely high premiums. These conditions include rape, postpartum depression, C-section deliveries, mental health services, and being a domestic abuse survivor - among other things. For more information about this, read Senator Sherrod Brown's tweets:


Now that you know the risks, you understand why the Senate must vote no on the Trumpcare revisions.

Everyone deserves affordable healthcare. It's a basic human right.

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