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If you’ve been following the news you’ve likely heard that President Trump has implemented prisons that are essentially concentration camps for children of all ages. I myself was brought to tears by the picture of a 2 year old girl screaming and crying by a police car as she was separated from her mom and moved to a prison in which the workers are told NOT TO COMFORT THEM! I don’t care what your political view is or if you are Democratic or Republican or if you believe refugees should not be seeking solice in our country. No human being in there right mind can possibly support the INDEFINITE separation of babies, toddlers and children from their parents to be placed in large inhumane cages without adult guidance and inhumane situations (these babies are given the silver emergency blankets you have in your first aid kit to sleep with for gods sake!). The mass collection of children will lead to death of some of the weaker children, and eventual complete loss of the child from the families even if someone in there family can come up with the means to get their children back. Just the sheer numbers of which these children are being caged can only lead to so many being lost in the system. But let’s face it. These kids are from families who are seeking refugee status and are taken from parents who only chose to risk illegal border crossing to escape potentially worse circumstances for there children in there home country. Death, rape, enslavement, ransom, torture. These are people with no financial means to fight the siezure of there children and get them back. They’re CHILDREN FOR GODS SAKE! These kids are completely innocent and had no choice in there parents decision to take them across the border illegally. ALL of these children will most definitely suffer mental trauma from this situation.  Let’s stop it from becoming much worse for these children. The pictures seen in reports don’t show the large numbers of children already shipped off to other holding areas. Let’s bring these kids home NOW!

STOP THE MADNESS NOW! If we as human kind turn a blind eye to these atrocities against man kind; against children!, because it is too ugly or painful to look at, how can we ever hope to stop things like the Holocaust of Jews. And now innocent children! If this is allowed to happen, what’s next!