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Stop Trump Administration from Eliminating Arts Funding Programs

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        In an effort to begin elminating the countries current deficit, Donald Trump is taking his first steps by ridding of the National Endowments for the Arts, The National Endowment for Humanities and The Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Funding for these National Endowments is currently at $148 million each, PBS is under $500 million and combined they make up .003% of the nearly $4 trillion federal budget. These 3 budgets together leaves our current federal budget at $3.899 trillion. According to Stephen Moore a Heritage Foundation Econimist who serves as an advisor to Trump he told The Times, "I think its an endeavor to try to get rid of things that are unnecessary."

        The Arts is a vital part of who we are as an American Culture, its everything that we are as human beings. Ridding these programs puts at risk the loss and hope for many young artists and organizations that provide valuable outlets for many of our youth throughout the nation. Arts programs time and time again, have proven themselves to be vital in not only the creative realm but also has proven to be a valuable tool in academics as well. The elimination of PBS and the Humanities endowment only adds insult to injury as these are programs that help promote and celebrate the diversity of who we are as a culture. If we lose out on these programs, it would be detrimental to the generations after us, as they will have no sense of cultural awareness. Please if you believe in diversity, culture, creativity and the arts on any level, sign this petition and stop Trump from taking away the heartbeat of our creative culture!


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