Stop Track Zero before it's too late!

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Who are we?
We are a group of St Lawrence Market Neighbourhood residents representing homeowners, renters, Co-Op residents, schools, daycares, and businesses.
What do we want?
We want Metrolinx to scrap its plans to clear-cut our trees and build a new track within 15 meters of our homes that run diesel trains every 15 min
What are our concerns?
1. We don't want more pollution!
- Track Zero will bring dirty diesel trains and dirty diesel smog within 15 metres of a densely populated downtown neighbourhood which includes schools, daycares and elderly residences.
- Rail traffic, and corresponding pollution, will increase more than ten-fold over the next decade
- None of the completed Metrolinx studies has assessed the impact of this increase in diesel traffic
- Neighbourhood residents include a significant number of young children, elderly residents and people with learning and physical disabilities.
- Local amenities include a daycare, three schools and numerous workplaces
2. We don't want more noise!
- Residents are already routinely awoken by construction machinery between the hours of 11pm-5am
- Construction will take up to ten years and no commitments have been made to mitigate the pollution, safety, vibration and noise impacts of construction machinery
3. We don't want Metrolinx to destroy our historic neighbourhood!
- Residents fear that, along with the potential health issues, the loss of their tree canopy and increased noise of the new track will create a hugely negative impact on their historic and unique mixed neighbourhood. We are a heritage community!